Club news

When you visit the Club hopefully you will notice that there have been some positive changes to the facility. There has been a lot of work undertaken during the lockdown, much of this will be out of sight but you should notice that the main room has been decorated, the car park was given a smartened appearance and our patio furniture given a brush & polish amongst other improvements.  Thank you to everyone who has helped with these jobs over the past few weeks.

A few areas we are not opening at the moment are the kitchen, the dartboard, and the pool table. We know that some of you will be disappointed with this but we have been taking advice and following 
press articles on the subject and for the time being, we have decided that these areas will be out of bounds but we will review the situation on a fortnightly basis. We will all have a little to learn about using the Club safely and the Committee felt that we need to assess the success of our new operating measures in a more limited fashion than what we have been used to before opening our facilities in full.

The Committee has also developed a new operating strategy during the lockdown. This has been simplified in the attached brief but a lot of research and analysis has gone into the detail of this new plan. Perhaps the biggest change is that later this summer we will be looking to put in place an outsourcing strategy for the management of the bar. More details on this will follow nearer the time but we have changed strategy and will no longer be employing a bar steward. The intention is that our customers will get an improved service at no extra cost to the Club; it will also enable the Committee to focus on Club development issues rather than focus on the day-to-day operations of the bar.

Another big piece of work was the improved management of all of our service providers; members may not be aware of all of the services that we procure, some are often “hidden” or taken for granted but they are essential for the smooth running of the Club such as rubbish collection, utilities, and security. All have been reviewed and where possible renegotiated over the lockdown period and cost savings and improved services should result. The final point to mention is that there have been a few price changes to the items we sell at the bar. A proper price analysis was undertaken on each line-item and there were some price changes to reflect current sourcing arrangements. This has resulted in some of our items slightly increasing to bring in line with required profit levels and in some cases some price reductions.  We always try and keep our prices competitive for our members but in some cases, price increases from our suppliers need to be reflected in our sales price.

We try and keep these news items brief and to the point so that’s all for now but as said we will be issuing the new rules for visiting the Club this Friday so please look out for these and read them carefully.
We hope to see you soon at the Club – keep safe